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Taekwondo Remains as an Olympic Sport

On February 12, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) during a meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland decided that Taekwondo, the traditional Korean martial art, would remain as one of the 25 Core Sports for the 2020 Olympic games. 

The 25 core sports that the IOC has decided upon will be officially instated at the IOC Executive Board meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Taekwondo was introduced as an official medal sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and has thereafter remained as a core sport until the 2012 London Olympics. The sport is even an official event in the Asian, African, Oceana and European Games. As seen in its appearance in all of these different continents, Taekwondo has truly become an international sport. 

In response to the danger of being taken out of the 25 core Olympic sports, Taekwondo updated and changed the rules and scoring system. At the 2012 London Olympics, electronic protective vests and socks equipped with sensors were used for scoring, and officials were allowed to use instant video replay for the first time. These changes were designed to eliminate judging disputes and ensure fair play, drawing favorable reviews to keep Taekwondo as an Olympic event. 

The World Taekwondo Federation’s president, Jung-won Jo, stated, “Out of 28 summer Olympic sports Yudo and Taekwondo are the only two sports that originated in Asia. It is quite an accomplishment that taekwondo will remain an Olympic sport and that we did not let down 204 WTF member states and 80 million athletes around the world.”