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Opened in October 2010, the Korean Cultural Center Washington DC
continues to introduce the gradual development and future images of Korea. In response to rapid
changes within the international arena, we have tried to build a strong partnership with Americans
by sharing Korean culture, such as Korean traditional arts, language, food, music and Taekwondo.

timeline history of the events
2018. 06 Inaugurated 11th Director, Joon Suk Hwang
2015. 06 Inaugurated 10th Director, Myeongsun Park
2012. 03 Inauguration of 9th Director, Byoung Goo Choi
2010. 10 Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. opens
2009. 02 Inauguration of 8th Director, Jin-soo Nam
2008. 05 Inauguration of 7th Director, Jeong-yeol Park
2005. 08 Inauguration of 6th Director, Seok-jung Yoon
2002. 07 Inauguration of 5th Director, Su-dong Oh
2000. 02 Inauguration of 4th Director, Jun-yeop Han
1999. 02 Inauguration of 3rd Director, Wi-su Son
1996. 04 Inauguration of 2nd Director, Jun-gil Kim
1993. 03 Korean Culture and Information Services (KOCIS) founded as a part of the Government Information Agency
1991. 06 Inauguration of 1st Director, Shin-il Park
1962. 07 Public Affairs Office at the Korean Embassy in Washington, D.C. opens