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K-Cinema: The King's Case Note (Jul. 11 & 25) image

K-Cinema: The King's Case Note (Jul. 11 & 25)

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Clever and curious King Yejong (Lee Sun-Kyun) leaves no stone unturned when secretly investigating crimes in his own kingdom by night. He also relies on the help of bumbling but brilliant Yi-Seo (Ahn Jae-hong), his aide in charge of historical records. When a strange rumor spreads through the capital Hanyang and threatens to upend the government, the King senses a dangerous plot. With his trusty assistant at his side, the King and Yi-Seo set out to uncover the truth in this hilarious 2017 historical comedy-adventure from director Moon Hyeon-seong.

In Korean with English subtitles. 114 Minutes

Join the Korean appetizer social at 6:00 pm, served just before the show! 

WHAT: The King's Case Note (임금님의 사건수첩) 
WHEN: Thursdays, July 11 & 25 @ 6:30 p.m. 
WHERE: Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW) HOW:

RSVP HERE or scroll down to the form below (required)!