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EXPLORESpecial Events

2019 Art All Night at the KCC image
Special Events

2019 Art All Night at the KCC

-WHEN: Saturday, September 14, 7pm - 12am
-WHERE: Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW)
-HOW: No RSVP need and just come! 

Join us at the Korean Cultural Center on Saturday, Sept. 14 as we take part in a special once-a-year, city-wide night art festival: Art All Night! 

Enjoy a live music performance by Hyuna Park & The Endorphins, a multi-cultural band based in New York City, browse our latest art exhibition Newly Connected. and special performance art by artist Kieun Kim and join in K-Pop themed outdoor art demonstration with artist Susan Kelly: a Stained-Glass Mosaic Grouting and K-Pop Watercolor Painting workshop for guests.

KCC Program Highlights

[Live Music Performance] by Hyuna Park & The Endorphins (8pm & 9 pm)
Hyuna Park & The Endorphins will perform their unique brand of music that blends elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and Latin music with traditional Korean percussion rhythms. The band’s members hail from South Korea, Austria, and Switzerland, and each brings their own unique cultural background and personal voice to create a one-of-a-kind listening experience for every audience.

Hyuna Park & The Endorphins, a multi-cultural band based in New York City, are going to present a special musical performance based on traditional Korean rhythms known as “Jang-Dan”, such as “ByulDal-geory” and “Goot-geory”, mixed with elements of Jazz, Funk, Hip-hop and Latin music. 

Inspired by the concept of American Jazz music, which features a symbiosis of African music and European classical music among many other musical influences who have been added over the decades, the music for this concert will be a diverse mix of original compositions, arrangements of traditional Korean melodies and rhythms, as well as energetic improvisations and joyous dialogues between the members of the band.

Hyuna Park & The Endorphins’s mission is to take you, the listener, on a musical journey, introducing you to the many facets of Hyuna Park & The Endorphins’s collective musical language and our vision of combining traditional Korean and American music, as well as sharing the joy of experiencing live music created by people who enjoy playing music together.

Hyuna Park & The Endorphins

[Performance art] ‘Revealuxion: Be You, Be Free ‘by artist Kieun Kim (7:30 pm & 9:30 pm)
Be You, Be Free (2019) is a series of Revealuxion for self-portrait.
I envision myself through the reflection of a chrysalis — a metaphor which embodies the suffering and vulnerability, as well as the patience and self-determination required for periods of intense personal growth. For the artist, the process of making and presenting Revealuxion to viewers is an exercise in revealing the genuine self.

Kieun is a ground breaking, creative artist, and performer. Featured in the New York Times, Kieun's work has been highly acclaimed as being truly unique and innovative, one of the very few artists today with a tremendous passion and gift for fusing artistic expression with technology. She experimented and presented in various forms of multimedia installation. Her representative project, Revealuxion was invited to exhibit at Artrooms Fair Roma 2019, Roman, Italy, Superfine! Art Fair New York 2019, New York, NY, Five Continents International Film Festival (FICOCC2016), Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, School 33 Art Center 2018, MD, USA., Space in Art New York Gallery 2016, NY, USA., Governors Island Art Fair 2016, NY, USA., and World Maker Faire 2016, NY,USA. Kieun received Master of Fine Arts degree in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in 2015. She is currently working as a New York/Baltimore based new media artist and a visual designer.

Kieun Kim

[Korean contemporary art exhibition ‘Newly Connected.’ ] 
Three Korean-American artists (Kyoung eun Kang, Kieun Kim and Namwon Choi) express their personal emotional journeys, including the anxiety of life in a foreign environment, the hope and comfort that comes with adaptation, the process of forming new relationships, and the discovery of one’s identity as a result.

[Live Stained Glass Mosaic Grouting Demonstration and K-Pop Watercolor Painting Workshop] by artist Susan Kelly, 7pm-11pm

Come see Susan’s stained glass demonstration where she shows the basics of creating your own stained glass mosaic pieces. She will discuss the process of designing your own stained glass patterns, without losing the individual’s unique characteristics. She will then show the process of cutting and fitting each glass piece together. The final steps of the demo will be grouting, and finishing the mosaic portraits. 

In the center, there will also be an interactive workshop, where you can paint a portrait of your favorite K-Pop idols in watercolor. The portraits will be based off of Susan’s stained glass designs. You’re invited to participate and leave with a unique watercolor painting! 

Susan Kelly is a fine artist and Korean pop music enthusiast who channels her love for K-Pop idols into creating detailed stained-glass portraits. Her 2017 master’s thesis, EXOLANSIS, explored the visual relationship between K-Pop idols and the fans that adore them, using a traditional stained-glass technique to create a new wave of modern iconography.

Susan Kelly