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EXPLOREOutreach Program

Students Experience Korean Traditions to Greet the Lunar New Years  image
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Students Experience Korean Traditions to Greet the Lunar New Years

On February 6, the Korean Cultural Center of Washington DC made a special visit to Montgomery County’s Clarksburg Elementary to share the traditions of traditional Korean performances. In commemoration of the Lunar New Year, this event sought to provide the opportunity for DC students in the area to experience the different sounds and beats of the Korean traditions. 

MC and performer Sebastian Wang enthusiastically engages with 300 students at Clarksburg Elementary

The meaning and traditions of Seollal, Korea’s Lunar New Year, was presented and explained to the students, and students had the unique opportunity of being immersed into Korean traditions. 

Three hundred students along with Principle Kwang Ja Lee got to see a cheerful and vibrant display of traditional Korean music performances. The performances consisted of the playing of the 25 stringed gayageum, the popular hourglass shaped janggo drum, singing of Korean folk music “minyo,” and a royal dance called taepyongmu. All of the performers came together to give a combined rendition of the well-known Korean folk song “arirang” to close the event. 

Traditional Korean performance team, “Washington Sorichung” gives a bow at the end of their performance

Fifth grader Jasmine shared her impressions stating, “I think Korean culture is really cool. It’s really different from our culture, and the clothing was very pretty.” Through these unique traditional performances brought to Clarksburg Elementary on this day, students were introduced to sights and sounds that they would not other wise get to experience. 

Check out the interviews with the students of Clarksburg Elementary in the video below!