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Taekwondo School Program Instructor Employment Notice

The Korean Cultural Center in DC will begin operating a Taekwondo Program for a select number of public schools in the Washington D.C. area.
This Taekwondo program promises not only to teach students the Taekwondo system, but to raise awareness and understanding of Taekwondo’s Korean origins as well as to provide a great opportunity for younger generations to learn Korean etiquette, language, and culture.
To this end, the Center seeks to employ two Taekwondo instructors who meet the criteria listed below:
 ○ Employment Credentials
   - Applicant must possess a valid working visa within the United States (undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply)
   - Applicant must possess a 3rd degree black belt or higher
   - Applicant must be fluent in both English and Korean with prior Taekwondo teaching experience preferred
 ○ Duration of Employment
   - August – December 2013 (5 months)
   - The initial employment contract may be extended dependent upon results
 ○ Employment Details
   - To provide Taekwondo lessons at public elementary schools in the Washington D.C. area
○ How to Apply
   - Application Acceptance Dates: May 1 – July 20, 2013
   - Application requirements: Resume and Cover Letter (one page each)
   - Application form submission through
     email: jisoo@koreaembassy.org
English and Korean applications are both accepted, without a specific format. Please be sure to include your name and contact information. The embassy will select the instructors based on an application evaluation round and an interview round. Applicants who successfully pass the initial application evaluation will be contacted by August, 05 2013. Please understand that inquiries by phone are not possible.