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Come on in, the Door is Open: Kwon Myung-Won

Join us for Come on in, the Door is Open, an exhibition of unique calligraphy and pop culture micro-mosaic calligraphy art by master artist Kwon Myung-Won

Modern Korean poetry collides with pop culture icons in the visually stunning work of master artist Kwon Myung-Won. Celebrated naturalist poet Yun Dong-Ju’s Prologue Poem, Park Mok-won’s Traveler, and Kim So-Wol’s Azaleas are among 50 classical calligraphy works with full translation into English. Punctuating tradition are the likes of gold-medal figure skater Kim Yuna, singer PSY, Abraham Lincoln, portrayed in large scale micro-mosaics of representative Hangul characters. In celebrating Hangul Day in October, this exhibition highlights the beautiful versatility of the Korean language and the values of Korean literature to Korean-American communities across the United States.

The opening reception event will include an introduction by Dr. Paul Taylor, director of the Asian Cultural History Program at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, and Professor Jung-Sil Lee, adjunct faculty at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. 

Don’t miss the special live calligraphy demonstration by Kwon Myung-Won at the opening event! 

A free RSVP is required to attend the opening reception event (scroll down to RSVP). 

Come on in, the Door is Open: Kwon Myung-Won
Opening Reception Event: Friday, Oct.18, 2013 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Exhibition Dates: Oct. 18 - 29, 2013 (M-F, 9am-12pm & 1:30-5:30pm)
Location: Korean Cultural Center Washington DC (2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW 20008)
Contact: Jiyoung Yun | jiyoungy@koreaembassy.org | (202) 587-6163