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Korean digital Museum and Sarangbang open

First ever Korean digital Museum and Sarangbang open to the public.

The Korean Cultural Center Washington DC of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has opened a digital museum and Sarangbang, a room that was traditionally used as the men’s quarters, for the general public. Located on the first floor of the Cultural Center, the digital museum incorporates Korea’s traditional culture with latest IT technology. It is the first display of its kind in the United States and will serve as a great place to explore the Korean cultural contents and technology.

As the first exhibition, the Cultural Center is hosting a museum titled, “Future Heritage, the Beauty of Korean Traditional Crafts.” Displaying the rebirth of cultural artifacts in the digital museum, Korean traditional crafts can now be examined from every angle through Korea’s latest technology. Samsung’s high-definition LED screens show even the smallest details such as the smooth surface of ceramic crafts, demonstrating Korea’s traditional cultural heritage to its fullest. To ensure each craft was professionally and artistically captured, New York’s French photographer Christophe Randall took part in photographing each artifact.

Inside the digital museum hall, a Sarangbang has been re-created and decorated with cultural assets made by intangible cultural asset artisans, enabling visitors to experience Korean traditional culture even within the heart of Washington, D.C.

The design of the museum and Sarangbang were completed by Director Ji Rook Kim of UnSpace Inc., while the construction was completed by Director Chris Lee of Mac Building Construction Inc. In this
exhibition, a stone path, traditional paper windows, and traditional hanging scrolls allows one to experience Korea’s past, present and future all at once.

Samsung, a leading IT corporation, generously provided the digital museum with twelve LED monitors that can showcase 3D technology. By working with Korea’s leading global corporation, this space should provide great opportunities to not only illustrate Korean culture, but also demonstrate the success of Korea.

The Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. plans to use the digital museum to show a variety of different high-tech exhibits such as augmented reality, holograms, 3D and media art. Within the Sarangbang, traditional music and tea classes alongside other such cultural classes will be held.