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K-Cinema Screening & Social: The Classic (Oct. 6 & 27) image

K-Cinema Screening & Social: The Classic (Oct. 6 & 27)

Ji-hye (Son Ye-jin) and Soo-kyoung (Lee Tae-kyung) are college friends, and both have a crush on the charming boy in their drama club, Sang-Min (Jo In-Sung). The more outgoing of the two, Soo-kyoung, asks Ji-hye to write her a love letter to Sang-Min as a favor. When Ji-hye pours her own feelings into the letter, she realizes that she has sealed her own heartbreak when Sang-Min falls for Soo-Kyoung. As Ji-hye wiles away her solitude, she discovers a secret box in the attic containing the story of her mother's own first love from decades past. Yet somehow, fate keeps bringing Ji-hye and Sang-min together...

Director Kwak Jae-Young's 2003 film The Classic become a classic itself of modern Korean romance. Along with other early romantic films at the outset of the global Korean Wave, The Classic helped establish a potent Korean formula for touching, powerful storytelling in the decades to come. 

In Korean with English subtitles (132 minutes).

WHAT: The Classic (클래식)
WHEN: Thursdays, October 6 & 27 @ 6:30 p.m. (appetizer social at 6 pm) 
WHERE: Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW) 
CONTACT: Hungu Lee | hgl1130@mofa.or.kr
HOW: RSVP below (required)