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6th Showcase of 2017 Season OnStage Korea

Fairy Tale

Land of the Poet

     Holiday Carols  &  Korean Traditional Music

Tuesday, December 5 at 7:00pm

Studio Theatre(Mead Theatre)

1501 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005


E-mail: infodesk@koreaembassy.org

Phone: 202-797-6343

For the sixth and final Onstage Korea showcase of 2017, the Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. welcomes the innovative Korean music and poetry mashup group Fairytale in their Washington, D.C. premiere at Studio Theatre at 7:00 pm on Dec. 5! 


Formed in 2011, Fairytale's core motto is “to communicate with the world through music.” By creating music based on the pure sensibilities found in Korean poetry and song, the group strives to stay faithful to their namesake: innocent and delightful human storytelling. Fairytale often gets up close and personal with their audiences through unique venues like busy streets and intimate theaters, while adding an engaging stage presence that helps them reach broader artistic goals.


Fairytale's sound is based on Korean traditional music, but the group aims to achieve a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary styles. Fairytale will celebrate their Washington, D.C. premiere with a major repertoire, Land of the Poet. This performance tells a series of musical stories based on famous pieces of Korean poetry, blending poetic narrative with dramatic theater methods, including such works as High Spirit, What Are You Looking For, Until Peonies Bloom, and After Rain. Fairytale conveys the essential emotions and rhythm of Korean poetry, delivered with an irresistibly charming musical style.




Youseok Seo | Daegeum (Korean bamboo flute)


Yunjin Ko | Haegeum (Korean upright fiddle)


Juhee Kim | Geomungo (Korean zither)


Kyuyeon Kim | Percussion / Drum

 Myeongseo Jang | Vocals

Youngjin Oh | Piano

Chami | Composer

Fairytale was selected in 2014 for the Traditional ING, a project by Jungdong Theater in Seoul, Korea that seeks out creative traditional artistic groups, where they presented a musical, Report on the Earth from Little Prince. Fairytale sought out more original ways to intertwine story and music through their concert A Piece of Warm Word, which adopted the form of a music broadcast. They released their first album, Sway with the Fairy Dream, in 2013, and their second album Another Dream in 2015, which includes original vocal songs with the lyrics of poems set to nature-themed music. Fairytale was also selected to showcase their work at the Asia Pacific Music Meeting in 2015, a recognition of their potential in overseas markets.


 PRESHOW: 'Dive into Nostalgia'
Heeyoung Yang Artist Group Compositions by Heeyoung Yang

I. From 'Secret Garden of Arirang'
i. A Meandering Path (Toccatina)
ii. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow (Lament)
II. Milyang (for piano)
III. My Piano! (for piano and four hands)

Heeyoung Yang (Composer Piano)
Inspired by diverse cultural backgrounds, Heeyoung Yang has been actively composing a variety of music with a wide spectrum, which crosses multiple dimensions: the East and the West, the old and the new, the irrational and the logic, and the sacred and the secular. Such cross-cultural components are naturally embedded in her approach on musical language, timbre, intonation, lyric, pulsation, time, and expression. These ingredients enable Heeyoung’s music to deliberately touch audience by a unique way of delivering the tradition of Korean and Western music in a contemporary form and by a lyrical and imaginative story-telling of her own thoughts and faith.Originally from South Korea, she received both her D.M.A. and M.M. in music composition from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.