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Expanding Spacetime: Works by Chae Eun Rhee and Sky Kim image

Expanding Spacetime: Works by Chae Eun Rhee and Sky Kim

The Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. proudly presents Expanding Spacetime, a new exhibition opening August 3 featuring works by Chae Eun Rhee and Sky Kim, whose vivid and evocative paintings ask viewers to imagine how mind and body transcend the constraints of time and space. 

As female artist who have each lived in Korea and the United States, Rhee and Kim employ fundamentally different visual styles and subjects, but both aspire to integrate a sense of spirituality into their work by crossing traditional boundaries between imagination and reality. By examining what makes us who we are, from the cellular to the unconscious, both ask viewers to visually imagine their own inner worlds that are both deeply personal and rarely seen. 

Admission to the opening reception including talks by the artists on Friday, August 3 at 6:00 p.m. is free and open to the public, but registration is required (below). Expanding Spacetime will remain on view through September 4, 2018. 

Expanding Spacetime
WHAT: Art exhibition, artist talks, & public opening reception
WHO: Chae Eun Rhee and Sky Kim
WHEN: Opening Reception: Friday, August 3, at 6:00 pm
On View: Aug. 3 – Sept. 4, 2018 (open M-F, 9am-noon & 1:30-5:30pm)
WHERE: Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW)
HOW: Walk-in during regular hours, or free RSVP to the opening reception below. 

About the Artists

Chae Eun Rhee creates her work as a landscape of the modern imagination, informed by such diverse cultural inspirations as Van Gogh, Hitchcock, and The Wizard of Oz as they collide with society’s more recent trends, like social media and paparazzi exploitation. Thus, the imagery in her dense yet sweeping oil paintings skirts the boundary between the real and the imagined. Her Twister Game series, for example, is an experiment in communicating closely with viewers by transforming elements of familiar movies or art masterpieces through a heavy dose of pop culture style. Rhee delicately marries scenes of daily life to this complex cultural imagination to create a virtual story, as if our minds, saturated with visual information, had unceremoniously spilled onto a canvas without regard for space or time. The result gives viewers a chance to see the coexistence of truth and falsehood, of reality and fiction.

Chae Eun Rhee received her BFA and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and participated several residency programs, including at Yaddo Artist Residency and Vermont Studio Center in the U.S. She has been actively involved in exhibitions both in Korea and the U.S., was selected for 2018-2019 SongEun ArtCube Artist and Iceland's NES Artist Residency, and is expanding her artistic activities overseas. 

The Garden of ForkingPaths

 oil on linen, 100×90cm, 2017

Twister II

oil on linen, 153×236cm each,2015-2017


oil on linen, 91X117cm, 2018

Sky Kim captures the flowing, constantly evolving energy of living organisms at the microscopic level in her meticulous watercolor art. Reminiscent of scanning electron microscope images, the innumerable points and lines in her work often connect and constitute the form of a circle, conveying a sense of cyclical spirituality—unending birth and rebirth, life and death—that Kim sees as a driving force and artistic motivation behind her work. Thus, her paintings are at once abstract, anatomical, spiritual and sensual. Despite, or perhaps because of this constant tug of war, the organic undulations in her work are comforting, yet dizzying; fluid, yet stagnant; organic, yet abstract; delicate, yet obsessive. Kim sees herself as capturing these natural patterns of energy across space and time, and in the process asks us to imagine a deeper reality: that we ourselves are composed of such stuff. 

Sky Kim received her MFA from Pratt Institute in New York and has participated in residencies at New Museum in New York and Kunsthauset Messen in Norway. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Korea, U.S., UK, Mexico, and Australia, among other countries, and is expanding her artistic activities on the world stage.

Untitled (Minimal Sensualism Series)

Watercolor on Paper, 149x155cm, 2014

Untitled (Multiverse Series)

Watercolor on Paper, 106x106cm,2012

Untitled (Vortex Series)

Watercolor on Paper, 149x152cm, 2014