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This is SamulNori featuring Kim Duk Soo and SamulNori Hanullim image

This is SamulNori featuring Kim Duk Soo and SamulNori Hanullim

The 40th Anniversary Celebration of Samulnori Music


This is SamulNori

Performed by Kim Duk Soo's SamulNori Troupe

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.(Door Opens at 6:00 p.m.)

Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club 

(7719 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814)

Tickets: Free with an RSVP HERE! 

***Admission to This is SamulNori is free with registration (above).
The first 300 guests will also receive a free beverage at the venue!***

The Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. proudly presents Korean master percussionist Kim Duk Soo and the renowned SamulNori Hanullim troupe as they return to the Washington, D.C. region for a special free, public concert event, This is SamulNori, at the historic Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club on Wednesday, November 14 at 7:30 p.m., hosted by the Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C.! 

Samulnori, the iconic four-person Korean percussion ensemble characterized by complex driving rhythms, colorful dance, and intense energy, was established as a modern performance art by Kim based on centuries of tradition. This performance celebrates the genre’s creation 40 years ago, and features core musicians from the SamulNori Hanullim organization as they perform classic pieces from the Samulnori repertoire, including Binari (prayer song), Samdo SulJanggo Janggo Garak (Janggo rhythms from three provinces), and Samdo Nongak Garak (nonggak rhythms from three provinces).

Fans of Korean music, world music, and pure musical expression alike won’t want to miss this rare chance to hear one of Korea’s most esteemed, recognizable, and prolific virtuoso performers.

About Samulnori, Kim Duk Soo, and SamulNori Hanullim 

The Korean words “sa” and “mul” together mean “four things” and “nori” means “to play.” In the case of Samulnori, it refers to the ensemble of four musicians who perform and dance with four percussive instruments. Founded by Kim Duk Soo, the group’s artistic director and master of the janggo (hourglass-shaped drum), Samulnori has become the most recognized Korean traditional performing art globally. The ensemble performs in many configurations but often tours as a quartet with Kim at the helm. The origins of their music can be traced to what is usually referred to as “farmers” band music (“nong-ak”) and traditional ceremonial music. The repertoire of Samulnori also integrates influences of folk and religious music and its intricate rhythms have become uniquely their own over years of refinement and innovation. 


Kim and his original ensemble founded SamulNori Hanullim Performing Art Troupe in 1993 with the goal of preserving and promoting the diversity Korean traditional arts—and Samulnori in particular—through performances, research, and education around the world. The organization helped reinvigorate Korea's entire tradition of folk music, expanding its musical boundaries from pure tradition to the contemporary art scene while performing on thousands of stages worldwide. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Kim Duk Soo and Chief Artistic Manager Hong Yun-Ki, two original ensemble members, SamulNori Hanullim now includes several Samulnori ensembles, a Korean traditional performing arts troupe, and the contemporary Super NanJang Band.