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Flowers & Sounds: Korean Folk Art Reimagined (Sunday, April 22 @ 6pm)  image

Flowers & Sounds: Korean Folk Art Reimagined (Sunday, April 22 @ 6pm)

Join us for the opening reception of Flowers & Sounds, an exhibit of works by 18 Korean artists who reimagine the genre of traditional Korean folk paintings, known as minhwa (민화). The opening event will include a performance by the Lee Young Gwang Percussion Ensemble, featuring traditional instruments and the complex, fast-paced rhythms of Samulnori.


Korean folk paintings have remained a prominent symbol of Korean culture since the height of their popularity during the late Joseon Dynasty in the 17th to 19th centuries. Often depicting animals and scenes of nature in a whimsical style, minhwa thrived as a popular art form for the common people. Their playfulness and setting alludes to the simple joys of a traditional Korean lifestyle. In recent decades, popular and scholarly interest in Korean folk paintings has surged. Today, minhwa influence contemporary art and have become a key cultural image of Korea abroad.


Featured artists: Kang Suk Moon, Kwon Kibeom, Kim Keunjoong, Kim Sundoo, Baek Jinsook, Seo Eunkyeong, Kyunghee Seong, Son Yeon Chil, Woo Jongtaek, Lee Ku Yong, Lee Dong Hwan, Kee Young Hee, Yim Man-hyeok, Suejean, Hyunjoo Jang, Jung Moon Kyung, Cho Sang Reol, and Ha Yong Joo.


This exhibit, organized by the Korean American Cultural Arts Foundation, will remain on display through April 30,

2012. The Korean Cultural Center is open to visitors 9am to noon and 1:30-5:30pm, M-F.


What: Flowers & Sounds: Korean Folk Art Reimagined
When: Sunday, April 22, 6-8pm
Where: Korean Cultural Center Washington DC (2370 Mass Ave. NW Washington DC)