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K-Cinema: The Swindlers (Apr. 25) image

K-Cinema: The Swindlers (Apr. 25)

After swindling countless victims, master conman Jang Doo Chil (Heo Sung Tae) disappears and is presumed dead. Rumors surface that he may be alive, but public prosecutor Park Hee Soo (Yoo Ji Tae) wants to make sure that he remains “dead.” Park teams up with Doo Chil’s old nemesis, fellow swindler Hwang Ji Sung (Hyun Bin), as well as Go Suk Dong (Bae Sung Woo), Choon Ja (Nana) and Chief Kim (Ahn Se Ha) in exchange for criminal immunity. They plan to bait Doo Chil’s right-hand man, but with everyone working their own angle, will anyone come out on top?

Director Jang Chang-won's stylish high-stakes thriller The Swindlers (2017) won over fans with its original take on the modern crime caper, combining comedy, narrative twists, and pulse-pounding action. 

In Korean with English subtitles. 117 Minutes. Including a Korean appetizer social at 6:00 pm, served just before the show! 

WHAT: The Swindlers (꾼)
WHEN: Thursday, April 25 @ 6:30 p.m. 
WHERE: Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW) 
HOW: RSVP HERE or scroll down to the form below (required)