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EXPLOREOutreach Program

+ Befreind Korea Presentation
The "Befriend Korea" program welcomes students from schools in DC,
presenting Korea and its unique culture to them.
This includes a visual presentation, discussion, videos clips and a chance
for students to try traditional Korean games and musical instruments.
Any organization that wishes to learn about Korea or has plans to visit
Korea, including Taekwondo studios, can participate in this program.
For further information, contact: awoj@koreaembassy.org
+ Korean Traditional Arts Performance
The Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. visits elementary, middle
and high schools near D.C. and introduces traditional Korean music.
This program is held monthly and focuses on bridging the gap between
the current generation and Korea's traditional culture by giving students
the opportunity to experience Korean traditional music.
For further information, contact: jsuh@koreaembassy.org

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